Shining a Light on Collaboration The Leadership of Partnership Creating a Safer, More Equal Society

1. Why Collaboration?

What does collaboration look like, and why do it?

What's the difference between networking, partnership & collaboration? What are we trying to achieve? How can we measure success? And, crucially - how we can share what works?

2. How do we lead great collaborations?

Understanding how strong collaborations are ethically led from startup to sustainability

"People do things well when they have to - people do things brilliantly when they're inspired". How are effective Partnerships Implemented? What Technology, structures, frameworks and systems are need for success? And, what are the characteristics of leadership required to 'make it happen'?

Woman leading at table
Frightened girl

3. How Do We Create a Safer, More Equal Society?

A Safer society for girls - race & gender equality - understanding neurodiversity - valueing lifelong Skills learning...

How embedded collaborations could provide the foundation for tackling some of society's biggest challenges...we discuss the mechanisms and leadership to support tangibly improved cultural integration, and reduce race, gender and neurodiversity divides.