Leadership Approaches for Effective Collaborations: Through the Lens of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Leora Cruddas, Jeremy Rowe and Emma Razter join us to explore the CST’s influential vision for how collaborations of schools can bring greater levels of success. Jeremy Rowe (CEO, Waveney Academy Trust) will contribute to the conversation with questions and insight into the delivery of strategic leadership and governance, and Emma is an expert in community and charity impact. This is all set to be a fascinating session! 

Some of the questions we’ll be putting to Leora and Jeremy. We welcome your thoughts and questions – so, please join the conversation by booking your place.

  • Autonomy vs Formal Cross-school structures: Should we see MATs or autonomy for schools as the way forwards for tackling local inequalities?
  • Leading at arm’s length? How can a trust embed true collaboration and connectivity and tackle perceptions of disconnectivity and stifling of school identity?
  • Is systems change disruptive? It takes time, effort and energy for people to adapt to change – all of which risks distracting them from their core job of teaching and learning. So, why should we do it?
  • Working within MATS, or working beyond? How can Civic Leadership become truly integrated embedded within the education sector?
  • Have we seen changes in community cohesion and civic leadership since austerity and changes in Ofsted criteria?
  • How can partnerships between schools and communities become more effective and efficient?
  • In light of the big push for MATs and school-to-school collaboration – are we as a sector forgetting the power of school to community partnerships?

Absolutely! If you’d like to join the conversation live with your camera, there are a limited number of places, simply so we can manage the sessions effectively. Please register in the normal way and then email [email protected]

Equally, you may wish to sit back, relax and let it all play out, or you can add comments or questions in the Forum.

The sesions will be streamed, which means you won’t be seen (unless you decide to join in the conversation with your camera on by letting us know in advance you’d like to contribute live via the contact page on the website).

You have the flexibility to watch, listen and engage – without the ‘camera on pressure!’.

Feedback tells us that this the most popular format as it gives delegates flexibility to directly engage as little or as much as needed.

When you register, the sessions will be available for you to tick. We hope you’ll tick all sessions, even if you can’t make it on the day – there are opportunities to view the recordings and contribute to Forums afterwards.

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  • Emma Ratzer MBE
    Emma Ratzer MBE
    CEO, Access Community Trust

    Over the last nine years, I have developed the organisation from a small localised charity supporting the Homeless, to a Sunday Times Top100 Employer with a team of over 150 people. The entire workforce serve to support those at risk of social isolation across four core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Education, Community Social Enterprises and supported Accommodation.

    With an extensive understanding and experience in Mental Health and Strategic Business Management, my leadership style has allowed the organisation to grow significantly across most of East Anglia, doubling the charity’s turnover to £4 million per year, whilst providing dedicated support to tens of thousands of people annually.

    In 2019, I was honoured for my contribution to the county of Suffolk with an MBE. Most recently I have been recognised as the 2020 CEO of the Year by the Third Sector, after successfully devising and delivering a number of unique initiatives, including PINK Orange in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Jeremy Rowe
    Jeremy Rowe
    CEO, Waveney Academies Trust

    Jeremy is Chief Executive Officer of the Waveney Valley Academies Trust, having been Headteacher of Sir John Leman High School for eight years, from 2008-2016. He is the author of ‘Sorting out Behaviour, a Headteacher’s Guide’ and leader of the CEOn (Chief Executive Officer Network in the Eastern Region).

    He combines his 20 plus years of teaching experience with traditional values, and a realistic perspective, to put into practice an effective method of management that has previously helped him become a successful head teacher and public speaker. Jeremy has regularly written articles for a range of magazines and online publications, and he has also worked with PiXL and a range of schools and multi-academy trusts. He believes that implementing simple but effective rules for school conduct results in a happy and successful school.

    During that time, Jeremy worked with a dedicated Leadership Team to ensure that the school consistently achieved exam results which were amongst the best in the county, made some of the best progress in the country, became over-subscribed and achieved national recognition for student behaviour. Importantly, despite national trends, teachers at Sir John Leman High School remained and flourished both within the school, and the profession.

    In the past three years Jeremy has been seconded to Sewell Park Academy, Norfolk and to Alde Valley Academy, Suffolk, both of which saw significant improvements in GCSE results. Jeremy also works as Executive Principal for three secondary schools, is the PIXL Deputy Regional Leader for the Eastern Region and works as an Ofsted Inspector.

    In addition to these roles, Jeremy has served on ASCL Council, and been invited to present on raising exam results, leadership and improving behaviour at a range of national conferences and events. He is also the author of ‘Sorting Out Behaviour’, published by Crown House.

    Married to an English teacher, and with four children, Jeremy does not have much spare time. His hobbies are occasionally playing badminton (badly!) and watching Norwich City.

  • Leora Cruddas
    Leora Cruddas
    Chief Exeuctive of the Confederation of School Trusts

    The Confederation of School Trusts is the national organisation and sector body for school trusts in England. She has advised successive governments and sits on several Department for Education Advisory Bodies. She is the vice chair of the Head Teacher Standards Review Group. Prior to establishing CST, she was Director of Policy and Public Relations for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL). Just before leaving ASCL, Leora established the Commission for Ethical Leadership, on which she served as a commissioner. She now sits on the Ethics Committee. She believes education is for the common good. Leora has six years of experience as a Director of Education in two London Local Authorities. She has extensive experience at senior executive level of working with schools and trusts to improve the effectiveness and quality of education.




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