Black History – All Year Round

With Ellisha Soanes, West Suffolk College Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator​


Answering questions such as...

  • What activities did it entail? 
  • How long did it go on for?
  • What kind of profile did it have in the school or MAT?
  • Were Trustees aware or involved?
  • How was it received by students and staff?
  • Did you have to overcome any logistical or financial challenges?
  • What were the leadership challenges?
  • Do you already have policies that drove this? Or did this help to drive policy?
  • Will it help to develop policy further?
  • Does it tie in with national policy? 
  • How much of a focus area is this for your organisation?
  • Are there any national or international organisations doing anything similar that you could signpost others to?
  • Are there any resources others might benefit from?
  • Can you see a way to more formally collaborate?
  • Is there anything you can recommend that could help others collaborate and work together on this or something similar?
  • Did you collaborate with other schools, community partners or organisations?
  • Could it be enhanced with external input or mutual advantage?
  • Could this be taken on by another organisation for their own context?
  • Is there an opportunity for sustainability?
  • Could this impact on other organisations? 
  • Is there a pre-existing framework for collaboration where mutual support could be leveraged?
  • What are the main takeaways for improvement?
  • In summary, what would you say the three best things to come out of this were and how do you know?


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