The Power of Partnership

Creating a Safer, More Equal Society Through Collaboration

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Why Collaboration?

Why Collaboration?

The case for collaboration through System, Civic and Trust Leadership... How far have we come? What does success look like? And where do we go next?

The Leadership of Partnership

The Leadership of Partnership

The values, ethics, mindsets, strategies, mechanisms and structures to create robust collaboration between schools, colleges, universities, Trusts and Businesses

Creating a Safer, More Equal Society

Creating a Safer, More Equal Society

Developing student and staff skills through civic and business partnerships - to impact on society's biggest challenges

Guest Speakers

Kate Green Speaker Square

Kate Green, OBE MP

OBE MP, Shadow Education Secretary

Geoff Barton Square

Geoff Barton

General Secretary, ASCL

Leora Cruddes updated

Leora Cruddas


Jeremey Rowe 300 Speaker Square copy

Jeremy Rowe

CEO, Waveney Academies Trust & CEOn Lead

Speaker Square

Dr Nikos Savvas

Principal and CEO, Eastern Colleges Group

Emma Ratzer Speaker Square copy 2

Emma Ratzer MBE

CEO, Access Community Trust

Share What Works

Case Studies and Interviews Led By Attendees & Partners

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1. Why Collaboration?

What does collaboration look like, and why do it?

What's the difference between networking, partnership & collaboration? What are we trying to achieve? How can we measure success? And, crucially - how we can share what works?

2. How do we lead great collaborations?

Understanding how strong collaborations are ethically led from startup to sustainability

"People do things well when they have to - people do things brilliantly when they're inspired". How are effective Partnerships Implemented? What Technology, structures, frameworks and systems are need for success? And, what are the characteristics of leadership required to 'make it happen'?

Woman leading at table
Frightened girl

3. How Do We Create a Safer, More Equal Society?

A Safer society for girls - race & gender equality - understanding neurodiversity - valueing lifelong Skills learning...

How embedded collaborations could provide the foundation for tackling some of society's biggest challenges...we discuss the mechanisms and leadership to support tangibly improved cultural integration, and reduce race, gender and neurodiversity divides.

Exploring Space...

quality and consistency

a secure foundation

partnership working

equality of opportunity

...Beyond the review

areas of learning and development

Which must shape activities and experiences

early learning goals

Working towards (the knowledge, skills and understanding

assessment arrangements

For measuring progress

safeguarding and welfare

Keeping children safe and promoting wellbeing

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