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Add Your Voice to The Campaign to Protect Student Choice little as 30 seconds to support the future education choices of our future generation

We are inviting colleagues in the Eastern Region to support the #ProtectStudentChoice campaign – and democratic process of debate, by signing a parliamentary petition and sharing with their networks. The current government plan is to withdraw funding for BTEC and other Vocational qualifications which will in turn reduce the qualification routes from multiple strands to only two: A-Levels and T-Levels. Proper democratic scrutiny of this plan is seen by 24 national partners as vital over the coming months, and now we are taking the issue to regional level.

Current government plans are to narrow the choice from three main qualification routes to two. This means removing BTECs and other university and employer recognised courses, reducing the choice to either A-Levels or the new T-Levels which are yet to be fully established, embedded and quality assured.

For many young people, studying BTECs will continue to be the most effective way of accessing higher education or skilled employment. These well-established, high quality qualifications are popular with students and respected by employers and universities. They can be studied alongside, or instead of, A levels and provide an important alternative to T levels. Removing BTECs will leave many students without a viable pathway after their GCSEs, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The well established teaching and learning methods also inspire a wider set of employability skills such as project management, leadership and confidence in practical contexts.

It can take as little as 30 seconds to sign a parliamentary petition, but the impact is far reaching because 100,000 signatures creates an opportunity for debate in parliament and can inspire genuine action. This influence could be vital in supporting the educational choices of daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and friends across the UK. So, please consider taking a few seconds to add your influence, sign the petition and share on your networks.

The Protect Student Choice website has a quick and easy Toolkit and checklist to help, but here are some quick wins…

  1. Email parents across your Trust (many parents have no idea that this will become an issue for their children in the future)
  2. All staff email across your Trust (many staff believe that because the unions are active, they do not need to engage)
  3. Twitter and other social media (helps to keep the discussion alive, keeping it relevant amid the noise of so many other, higher profile changes)
  4. Ask staff to share in subject specific teacher Facebook Groups (increases engagement and deepens the discussion)
  5. Sign the petition yourself (every signature genuinely helps to ensure the issue is properly addressed)
  6. Create a post on your website homepage for parents to view
  7. Add the petition link to your email signature, or main school email signatures

So, please consider taking a few seconds to add your influence and sign the petition.

Note: The Power of Partnership is not opposing the decision, we are promoting democratic processes and an opportunity for genuine debate and scrutiny. We are a neutral crossing point for networks and influential organisations.

Protect Student Choice: Do not withdraw funding...


Eastern Region Networks

Email [email protected] to add a network or organisation to help our quest to connect all civic actors together and signpost their work
  • The Forgotten Third (ASCL)
  • The Future of Qualifications and Assessment
  • Forgotten. Left behind. Overlooked. (All-Party Parliamentary Group for SEND)
  • State of the Nation 2021: Social Mobility and the Pandemic (Social Mobility Commission)
  • Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report
  • ASCL Blueprint for a Fairer Education System (ASCL)
  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment Between Children in Schools and Colleges (DfE)
  • Looking to the Future Without Trashing The Past (Confederation of School Trusts)
  • Systems of Meaning: Three Nested Leadership Narratives for School Trusts
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racial Equality
  • Financial inequality
  • SEND and Neurodiversity
  • Gender Equality – opportunities
  • Curriculum and qualifications that embeds all themes

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